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2023 ROTW Line up Reverb / Nalgene Rock and Refill bottle

2023 ROTW Line up Reverb / Nalgene Rock and Refill bottle

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Refill Not Landfill

Single-use plastic water bottles are one of the biggest sources of waste at live music events and an unmitigated environmental disaster. From water rights issues, to production of the bottles, to improper disposal, single-use water bottles – and the industry that supports them – represent an ongoing danger to the health of our planet.

REVERB and Nalgene created the #RockNRefill program to offer music fans an alternative to single-use bottles at Reggae On The Way.. 

Through our combined efforts we offer fans access to free water refill stations at the festival.  Reggae On The Way brings the water stations and staff to run the program and Reverb and Nalgene provides custom-made reusable bottles so fans can stay hydrated without having to purchase single-use bottles.

And the good stuff doesn’t end there! 100% of the donations raised through the bottles go to support nonprofit organizations and causes.

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